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Unsure about the quality of your HGH? Have it tested!

You’ve finally decided to go for it and take your first course in synthetic growth hormone. You’re already dreaming of the results… smoother skin with a better texture… a new body elegantly cut with toned and firm muscles, and all that lost fat. Understanding the many benefits of HGH, the dream is about to become a reality.

It’s just… what if the liquid in the vial isn’t really HGH? Or if it wasn’t manufactured in the extremely high conditions of hygiene expected or required, or even worse, by novices in the field? All of a sudden, the dream becomes a nightmare vision of possibly catastrophic effects on the body.

It’s understandable if you’re torn between the extraordinary benefits of HGH and the concern of suffering the consequences of a counterfeit product.

What should you do? As the saying has it « forewarned is fore-armed », so we’re going to lay out some essential guidance so that you can be entirely confident of receiving the benefits of HGH without any of the concerns of adverse problems.


  • HGH Passport

In order to unmask counterfeits, recognise the two main characteristics of HGH

  • The first is that HGH is comprised of 191 amino acids and never 192. 192 amino acids is a characteristic of Somatrem, a dangerous counterfeit with numerous adverse effects. Carefully read the description of the product before purchase.
  • The second, is the form in which HGH is sold. It’s a molecule that’s extremely sensitive to temperature, and can only be produced and sold in freeze-dried form, requiring reconstitution (with sterile water). Forget therefore any tablets or sprays claiming to be HGH, whose promise is entirely an illusion.

And for those who have a penchant for nature, understand that no plant produces HGH. So don’t be tempted by marketing claims suggesting they’re selling HGH in herb form. It doesn’t exist!

Make sure you’re not getting HCG instead of HGH

HCG is a hormone in the urine of pregnant women. Easy to produce, it’s been a counterfeit offered since the beginning of HGH sales. Having the same apparent structure as HGH, nevertheless it has no integrity or effectiveness. Once mixed with water, it dissolves completely. It’s become rare these days to find it, because fraudsters have chosen to replace it with an 192 amino acid chain version of HGH, as we warned earlier.

As a precaution, try pouring a spot of reconstituted product onto a pregnancy test. If nothing happens, you have legitimate growth hormone. If however you get red marks, you have HCG and you should stop your treatment.


Serum test

test serum hgh

The best way to erase all doubt as to the quality of your HGH is to do a serum test. This test is extremely easy and not onerous. First have a sample of blood taken at a laboratory, before starting your course of treatment, to verify your HGH levels. Then, inject yourself with 10IU of HGH and go and take the test a second time, 3 hours later.

If you’ve taken authentic HGH, your HGH levels will have risen.

Beware hematomas after injections

If you notice that each time you take an HGH injection, red marks or stripes appear and persist for a day or so, then you’re using poor quality HGH or Somatren, the closest counterfeit to HGH.

As soon as you notice the persistence of these rashes or marks, stop the course of treatment immediately and have your product tested in a laboratory.

Injecting yourself with Somatren or poor quality HGH can have irremediable consequences. No longer recognizing proper HGH, it can end up rejecting its own naturally produced HGH, so the body finds itself rapidly deficient in HGH.

Now that you understand the risks, there’s no reason to put your health in jeopardy. Choose an injectable HGH produced by a recognized and certified laboratory. Verify the length as a 191 amino-acid chain, and do the serum test. After that, you can be reassured that you’ll soon be receiving the exceptional benefits of HGH, without the adverse effects of counterfeit product.

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