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TB500: Don’t let your injuries get you down !

Inuries tend to be memorable, to say the least. When we’re stuck, immobilized, unable to be active, it’s hardly a pleasure. They may be accompanied by pain or discomfort, and they can be demoralizing, Not to mention the adverse effect on our social life!

When faced with injury, how can we deal with it, or better yet, recover more quickly?

TB 500

Our body is a marvel of engineering, until it lets us down. Even then, it’s doing the best it can. Its built-in sophistication is a form of biological intelligence. Every cell is a little factory forever generating a multitude of products. Without our even being aware of it, hundreds of millions of chemical reactions are continuously addressing the needs of the body, all coordinated at an unconscious level.

It is truly amazing.

If we are fascinated by it, science is more so. It constantly seeks to better understand, affect and reproduce the functions of the body, with a view to improving our health and longevity.

Some of that research has focused on the role of Thymosine Beta4, a natural peptide present in the body. This peptide has the remarkable ability to regulate Actin, the protein contributing to muscle development. Actin is an essential component in cells, and also facilitates movement. It boosts cells associated with longevity by producing proteins and factors for growth and healing.

Given its utility, science has pushed to recreate the Thymosin Beta4 peptide in synthetic form, and it has succeeded, commercializing it as TB500. It offers a treatment for injury by accelerating healing.

Why use TB500?

TB 500 is the synthetic version of the natural peptide Thymosin Beta4. It boosts the action of the latter on the Actin protein, to encourage the repair of tissues in cases of injury, as well as improving muscle tone and reducing inflammation.

TB 500 is therefore particularly recommended to improve healing of muscle injuries such as aches, pulled muscles, torn muscles, contusions and cramp. TB500 is also effective for ligament injuries such as sprains and tendonitis.

A course of TB500 encourages cellular regeneration and rebuilding damaged tissue. It stimulates the fabrication of new cells. It both accelerates tissue repair and provides protection, while building more and stronger muscles. TB500 boosts healing and reduces recovery time.


TB 500 Results :

A course in TB 500 provides:

  • Fast and complete recovery
  • Optimal healing
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Muscle growth
  • Cellular regeneration
  • Freedom of movement:  injuries tend to limit movement. TB 500 improves the flexibility of joints and movement despite injury.
  • Relaxed  and unstrained muscles
  • Suppleness
  • Excellent tissue repair
  • Stretching of conjunctive  tissue
  • Prevention of friction and fibrous bands in the muscles, tendons and ligaments

It’s important to note that no side effects have been recorded, following courses in TB 500.

Let TB 500 get you back on your feet as soon as possible!

Taking a course in TB 500

TB 500 is offered in powder form, sold in 2mg vials

  • Choose a recognised company

The leading laboratory offering TB 500 is undoubtedly Lifetech Labs

Lifetech Labs is recognized for its peptide innovations, making them a reliable source of assured quality and high purity. Each box has an individual serial number, allowing you to verify the quality of the contents of each box on their website.  


  • Proceeding with the course of treatment

TB 500 is sold in kits of 10x 2mg vials. The recommended course is between 6 weeks and 6 months, depending on the type of injury. Regardless, it is recommended to not proceed beyond 6 months.

TB 500 is an injectable peptide. The course involves one sub-cutaneous injection per week. You’ll need some alcohol for sterilizing the vial and the area of injection, some sterile water, and some insulin syringes. TB 500 arrives in freeze-dried powder form, and sterile water is injected to reconstitute it to an active and injectable (liquid) form.

Wash your hands properly before working with the product. Disinfect the rubber seal on the vial with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol.

Draw 1ml of sterile water with an insulin syringe and gently inject it into the TB 500 vial, by tipping the vial gently onto its side, so that the water runs down the side of the vial onto the powder. Never shake the vial. Allow the powder to dissolve.

Once a vial of TB 500 has been reconstituted, then the TB 500 can be injected. Using a dose of 2mg, which corresponds to 1ml of product in an insulin syringe, pinch your skin between your fingers and gently inject the product.

TB 500 injections are taken once a week, preferably after training or before going to bed. At this level of dosage, one vial is sufficient for one injection, and a kit of 10 vials will last you for a course of 10 weeks.

  • Storage

TB 500 in its powder form, before being reconstituted with sterile water, will last at room temperature  for a period of three months. To keep it for a longer time, the UNRECONSTITUTED VIAL should be kept in the freezer  at a temperature of around -8 C.

Once reconstituted, TB 500 needs to be kept in the refrigerator, at between 2 and 8 C.

TB 500 : comments on the web

« I had a problem with a tendon in my hand, in my thumb, and in my shoulder. After a 2 month course of TB 500, no problem. »

« After my motorbike accident, I had recurring pain in my right knee. I tried a course of TB 500, a total of 4 injections in 1 month, and since then everything has been back to normal. »

« After a shoulder injury, I expected to spend months immobilised in bed. With TB 500, the pain has already diminished. I managed to move my arm, with more freedom. And in a month and a half, I could already go back to my normal activities. »

 «Science has really worked a miracle in generating a synthetic of Thymosin Beta4. TB 500 now allows us to cope with a multitude of injuries by reducing inflammation and regenerating damaged tissues.»

 There’s no need to let injuries get you down, leave you weaker, or immobilise you. TB 500 will assist you in getting past this uncomfortable time quickly and effectively. Ideal for active people, fitness enthusiasts, and those who regularly push or exceed their limits. Being deprived of your sport is going to be a thing of the past.



Comments (2)

  1. Professor March 19, 2018 at 1:48 am Reply

    I would highly recommend TB-500 post surgery, like right after going under the knife, as soon as patient get home.

  2. Pamela March 12, 2018 at 10:26 pm Reply

    I can say that TB500 is the best product for recovery from injury. It reduces inflammation and eliminate tendinitis symptoms. It has been crucial for my hips !!!!

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