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SARMS, a new alternative to Steroids ?

Some dream of using steroids, while others avoid them. In the end, many simply won’t use them. Steroids both fascinate and inspire concern, and for good reason. They can be effective, and they can be a risk.

Much as they are renowned in professional sport, competition, body-building and fitness, steroids are not always properly used, through ignorance or poor information.

 The Steroid Universe

The steroid story began in 1931, in Germany, with the chemist Adolf Butenandt, when he succeeded in extracting 15mg of androsterone from 10,000 litres of male urine. In 1934, continuing his research, he managed to reproduce the same hormone synthetically.

In 1939, the scientists Adolf Butenandt and his colleague Lavoslav Ruzicka discovered a hormone even more powerful: testosterone. They believed then that this hormone was responsible for strength and youth. Some sources suggest that German soldiers received doses of testosterone to increase their aggressiveness.

It took the fall of the Third Reich before the USSR then became interested in testosterone. From there, as research expanded, scientists began to better understand the function and effects of testosterone in the body. They discovered in particular that testosterone encouraged the development of muscle mass. Testosterone had arrived in athletics and bodybuilding.

In turn, Doctor John Ziegler went on to create a testosterone analogue – methandrostenolone – displaying fewer of the harmful effects on the body, and introduced it to the market under the name Dianabol.

Since then, steroids have become an indispensible complement for sporting, athletic and fitness enthusiasts wishing to go beyond their limits and improve their performance. Their use is recognized and authorized in some countries, and limited in others, to the extent of being illegal in countries like France. Steroids have proven to be both effective and potentially harmful.

The Good Side to Steroids

In general, steroids produce two effects: androgenic effects, emphasizing male characteristics, and anabolic effects, encouraging the development of muscle mass and diminishing fat levels.

Steroids have therefore been particularly researched in pursuit of their anabolic properties. A course in steroids can act like a real magic potion in allowing the user to burn fats rapidly, develop muscle mass in an extraordinary fashion, and to acquire superior strength. They also boost the libido. They’re a tempting solution for revealing the superman within !

Essentially, steroids stimulate the process for synthesizing, nutrients, facilitating energy circulation, and increasing muscular effectiveness. 

The Downside to Steroids

The extraordinary effects of steroids aren’t without risks. There are numerous equally detrimental potential side-effects. Some people may experience almost no harmful side-effects, while others will end up with the most dangerous. Each body will vary in its sensitivity to the harmful side-effects of steroids. It is therefore important in using them to respect the protocol for the course (correct dosage per day, per injection…) and to pay attention to the first signs of adverse reactions.

Among the possible side-effects, steroids may bring about:

  • Increased body hair
  • Fatty skin, with pronounced acne
  • Arterial hypertension
  • A heightened risk of cardiac problems. Steroids can bring about hypertrophy of the left ventricle of the heart. This deformation stimulates the production of bad cholesterol. This imbalance generates lesions in the liver, possibly leading to liver cancer.
  • Weakened tendons

These effects apply to both men and women.

However, according to the dosage and the length of treatment:

Women can experience hair loss, a deeper voice, reduced bust, and a disturbed menstrual cycle.

Men can develop male breasts. A condition called gynecomastia. During a course of steroids, the production of natural testosterone diminishes, even disappears completely from the body, which may become a long term condition. There will always be a long delay, several months at least, before normal levels of natural testosterone production resume.

Steroids also increase the risk of prostate cancer, and can create baldness.

The list of harmful effects on the body, for men and women, is long and still incomplete. If you use them, we can only advise you to be vigilant, and pay attention to the slightest sign of an unwanted or harmful side-effect. Don’t hesitate to consult a medical advisor.

Another issue is that many steroids are in injectable form. Taking them demands certain courage for those who are afraid of needles, while many wonder how to do injections safely and appropriately.

Above all, depending on the country you live in, don’t forget that in many places, steroids are considered a doping product and illegal. 


SARMS, an entirely new alternative to steroids

SARMS appeared in scientific papers beginning in 1998. They were discovered in the course of research into cancer and osteoporosis. SARMS is the acronym for « selective androgen receptor modulators ». In other words, SARMS are moderators which can trigger androgen receptors in tissues. What makes SARMS attractive is their capacity for selective triggering. As well as triggering them, they can also block androgen receptors. Between the two, the offer the potential to provide the benefits of steroids while minimizing the risks of secondary effects.

SARMS mimic the anabolic effects of steroids and so allow users to:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Reduce body fat
  • Develop a well-defined, well-cut musculature while preventing the loss of muscle, and while eliminating superfluous fats.
  • Boost the healing process for injuries and wounds


Advantages of using SARMS to replace steroid use

The features of SARMS are attractive to many in the sporting world, particularly for bodybuilders.

SARMS offer similar benefits to testosterone, in regard to increased muscle mass, increased strength, reduced body fat and stimulation of the libido.

At the same time, using SARMS, athletes reduce the risk of the negative effects of steroids.

With SARMS, there’s no liver toxicity, nor conversion into Dihydrotestosterone or oestrogen. The product is also undetectable in anti-doping drug tests. Finally, SARMS can be taken in oral form, so no more torments with needles!

Today, the two principal SARMS products are Ostarine and Andarine

Ostarin (also Ostarine) is the most powerful SARM to date. Used for courses in buliding lean body mass, Ostarin boosts the building of muscles, without the negative effects of traditional steroids.

Anderine is useful for courses in cutting, muscle definition, or for losing weight, as it helps in the reduction of fats, all the while maintaining the gained muscle mass. It is often compared to Winstrol, as it promotes a lean, well-cut and hard physique, and develops strength and endurance. The good news is that Andarine however has none of the negative side-effects of Winstrol.


The negative side-effects of SARMS.

The good news about SARMS is their ability to provide the positive effects of steroids without the harmful side-effects, thanks to their ability to target specific receptors. However, compared to the major health risks avoided, there are still some minor side-effects associated with SARMS.

Ostarin(e) has been associated with tiredness, nausea, anemia or diarrhea.

Andarine may generate problems in vision.

To date, the side-effects of SARMS have however not been significant, whence the great interest in SARMS for courses of building lean muscle, for cutting or defining muscles, or for weight fat loss.


Time to forget steroids?

Given the discovery of SARMS, should we now forget or ignore courses in steroid treatment?

The principal attraction of SARMS is their ability to limit the harmful side-effects for the user’s health, making it possible to sculpt your body without taking material risks. Nevertheless, even though SARMS benefit those wishing to build lean mass or lose weight and fat, their results are notably less spectacular than those obtained with steroids. Equally, to generate visible results, a SARMS course is going to be longer than a course in steroids.

So it’s up to the user, based on their goals and their sensitivity to steroids. If you aren’t looking for spectacular results, but simply want to refine and emphasize your muscles, then perhaps consider SARMS, which will be a better choice for your personal health also.

If however you’re looking for more impressive results more quickly, then steroids fit the bill. However, before and while using them, research and understand them, and then be sensitive to the issues surrounding their use, and pay attention to your reaction to and tolerance for them. If you notice any of the secondary effects, immediately end the course, take advice from your medical advisor, and perhaps consider a course in SARMS.

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  1. dobra przedtreningĂłwka October 2, 2019 at 6:12 am Reply

    I was able to find good information from your blog articles.

  2. Jojo March 14, 2018 at 8:18 pm Reply

    I think that it depend to your goal an the risk you willing to take ! But I think both are great ….

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