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A revolutionary way to tan

Tanning has become and integral part of our society. Associated with success, beauty, perfection even, we all enjoy the thought of a nice healthy tan. It feels good, it looks good, and we’re more attractive to others.

The dream of getting a tan has been around for decades, but before now, we’d wait impatiently for summer to be able to acquire one. Today, we’d prefer to enjoy a healthy tan all year round. Happy to oblige, the market for tanning solutions is keen to offer us their suggested solutions.

Expose yourself

As we find ourselves stretched out for long hours on the sunbed, determined to look more attractive, the big names in cosmetics sell us their creams, milks, sprays, oils and even self-tanning lotions, each determined to be the one that offers us that perfect, safe tan.

No matter how attractive it may be, either the tan or the product, exposing ourselves to the sun for long periods is becoming accepted and recognized as a risk. The dangers of UV, its effects in aging the skin, the risk of cancer, are well-known to us by now.

UV Sessions

If lying out in the sun isn’t enough or available, there’s another UV solution: the tanning salon. Open all year round, it’s hardly as glamorous as a holiday, but even if you enjoy your private sessions in the salon, or meeting up with friends there, tanning cabins are renowned for increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Peptides : a revolution in tanning

Peptides are a type of mini-protein which has an active effect within cells. Peptides have the ability to send messages to cells, triggering specific desired responses.

In regard to tanning, the pigmentation of the skin is determined by melanogenesis, by synthesizing and producing melanin. Imagine having a peptide capaple of stimulating melanocytes to promote melangenesis, tanning! Our skin would be covered with a golden sheen without any exposure to the sun. It’s a nice idea, and better yet, it’s real: that peptide exists, and it’s called Melanotan.

Until now, tanning required required external stimulation of our skin cells, by exposure to UV rays.

Peptides now offer the ability to act directly on the cells from within the body. It’s a revolution in tanning! No more need for UV rays with their penalties and risks of wrinkles and cancers, all in search of a tan. Melanotan, by stimulating the production of melanin, allows even the palest skin to tan.

Lifetech Labs, at the leading edge of peptides, takes this one stage further by offering a combination of peptides: Melanotan and Ipamorelin, in its product SUN BEAUTY. Melanotan generates your tan, while Ipamorelin renews your cells. IPAMORELIN triggers the release of growth hormone and IGF-1, thanks to which the cells are permanently renewed. The skin becomes more toned; wrinkles disappear.

It’s remarkable that you can now tan simply, and entirely safely, any time you want. Eliminate the risk of wrinkles and skin cancer from tanning. Thanks to peptides, you can enjoy tanning in complete safety !

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