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Peptide Tanning and Libido Biopeptide Melanotan II – Lifetech Labs – 10 vials of 1.8mg

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Tanning and Libido Peptide Melanotan II -Lifetech Labs – Kit of 10x 1.8mg vials

Melanotan II (MT-2) stimulates the natural tanning mechanism to create a tan without any sun exposure whatsoever. MT-2 enhances the libido and can produce spontaneous erections. This libido enhancement is stable and continues as long as one continues to take Melanotan II.


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Celebrate life with Melanotan II

Since time immemorial, a tanned body, golden limbs and a healthy glow have been a source of admiration. Symbols of perfection and success, the body exuding a sensual glow, it’s like a light being set off within you.

Yet we spend our lives with our pale skin, hoping for the sun so that we can get a bit of colour, only to find ourselves more likely a sensitive red than the golden bronze we hoped for.

No wonder we prefer the comfort and safety of clothing.

Here’s the awkward truth of tanning : some are lucky and quickly acquire an attractive golden tint. For the rest of us, we’re stuck with our pale skin.

Since Melanotan 2 was discovered in the 1980’s, various independent studies have been completed and have never shown any harmful side effects at the end of treatment. The interesting part is that Melanotan 2 has been demonstrated to be very effective against one of the most critical present day health risks, skin cancer. Melanotan 2 is genuinely capable of activating the tanning mechanism in the body. Indeed, it is so effective that it can create a tan without having to expose the skin to the harmful UV rays of the sun or solaria.

That reduces the risk of skin cancer or sunburn through exposure to the sun. The first part of these clinical trials reported that the tan appeared even after as little as five miniscule doses of Melanotan 2, injected every other day. However, a secondary effect came to be appreciated also.


Several subjects, those having received a stronger dose, experienced frequent erections. That strongly suggests that MT-2 genuinely enhances libido, operating as an aphrodisiac, and so being a great help in erectile dysfunction.

Research has also been directed to discovering the effect of Melanotan 2 on food intake. It was discovered that Melanotan 2 could generate melanocortin. After a week, loss of weight is marked,  calorific intake is suppressed, and the intake of oxygen increased.

As such, Melanotan 2 was suggested as a possible treatment against obesity by lowering the consumption of carbohydrates in subjects who were participating in research into being overweight or obese.

Melanotan 2 has equally turned out to be an important aid in terms of reducing levels of cholestorol and the reduction of levels of insulin. It can reduce the levels of acetylcholine, which has the effect of enhancing muscular catabolism.

We therefore know that Melanotan :

  • Has no side-effects
  • Contributes to the avoiding skin cancer
  • Generates a natural tan without sun exposure
  • Positively enhances libido and male erections


Melanotan : a revolution for those with pale skin

Celebrated or scorned, Melanotan has not gone unnoticed. It has even been baptised « the Barbie drug » or « the Barbie pill » by journalists and internet bloggers.

What then does this new find really promise ?

Melanotan quite simply has the extraordinary power to give you a lasting tan, without exposure to the sun, throughout the year and even for those with pale skin. Pretty remarkable.

The Melanotan story really begins in the US, more accurately in Arizona where scientists were seeking a remedy for skin cancer. As far as they were concerned, the best remedy consisted of obtaining a natural and healthy skin color. They ended up reproducing the hormone responsible for skin color, melanocortin, also known as alpha-MSH when synthesized. Melanotan was born.


Incredible Melanotan

Melanotan produces melanin by stimulating melanocytes. So without the slightest exposure to the sun, your levels of melanin increase and bring a natural healthy color to the skin, even for those with pale skin.


Advantages of Mélanotan

Getting a tan without exposure to the sun brings numerous advantages. The first and most important is that the harmful effects of UV rays are avoided, so also considerably reducing the risk of skin cancer.

In so doing, it avoids ugly wrinkles brought on by exposure to the sun. Adorned in gold, while avoiding the risks of unwanted signs of aging of the skin: that has to be a good thing.

Beyond that, scientific studies discovered that Melanotan is also beneficial for libido and a slim body. Essentially, Melanotan stimulates the libido and produces repeated erections.

In addition, it’s excellent in reducing the sensation of hunger. It regulates appetite, helping us to avoid unnecessary eating and weight gain.


Taking a course of Melanotan

The first priority is to find quality Melanotan, sourced from a recognized laboratory, such as Lifetech Labs, whose reputation stands out from the crowd. It has received an award for its innovations in peptides, and that is the sort of reassurance we’re looking for.


Lifetech Labs provides Melanotan of high quality and excellent purety

Sold in boxes of 10 vials, the Melanotan comes in freeze-dried form, to be reconstituted with 2ml of sterile water before use.

The recommendation is to take 600mcg per day, split into two injections of 300mcg each, one before breakfast, the second before retiring.

One important action is to conduct a brief test once you receive the product. Taking a single dose on the first day allows you to observe and ensure that there’s no side-effect, and if not, then you can continue the dosage as recommended.  

Once you attain a colour you find desirable, then you can begin to space out the intake and reduce the dosage to maintain that colour.  


Despite continuing reticence in some countries such as France or Sweden, many users are willing to speak up about the beneficial effects of the product.

Justine, age 37 :

« I’ve always had a complex about my pale skin. I considered my legs to be fat and ugly because of this paleness. I felt dull. Since daring to take Melanotan,my feelings for my body have completely changed. First, I became tanned. Something I never imagined possible. Today, I’m more confident. I dare to wear shorter dresses, revealing my tanned legs with pride. »

Benoît, age 44 :

« I was upset. I was the only pale skin among my friends. And not the sexiest. Taking Melanotan, I could finally display my bronzed torso and enjoy flirting and seduction. »

Jacinthe, age 30 :

« Melanotan is simply magical. I can now be tanned throughout the year without waiting for summer. »

Melanotan gives you the freedom to show off a healthy, golden, you. No more hiding under long dresses. Bye bye pale skin; it’s mini-skirts and a radiant glow, all the year round.

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7 reviews for Peptide Tanning and Libido Biopeptide Melanotan II – Lifetech Labs – 10 vials of 1.8mg

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  2. 5 out of 5

    Le meilleur moyen de bronzer à moindres frais toute l'année sans mettre sa santé en danger !

  3. 5 out of 5

    Hormone-peptide.com is a great website fencing high quality gear. Delivery extremely fast and packaging was great( Box + postal paper+ Bubble wrap)

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    Great product and exceptional service too! FIRST CLASS

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    J'ai commandé ce truc et mon dieu. Ma peau est complètement tannée et très peu de temps. Je vais en commander de nouveau sur hormone-peptides.com pour moi et mes amis.

  6. 5 out of 5

    My wife and I have been on Melanotan II Lifetech Labs for 2 years now. And we like very much the result. It works well even at a low dose. Absolutely worth it.

  7. 5 out of 5

    It work out very well for me and I plan to run it again in a few months !!!

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