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Blend Peptide Biosynergy Sun-Beauty – Lifetech labs – 10 vials

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Biosynergy Sun Beauty Peptide Blend – Lifetech Labs – Box of 10 vials

Sun Beauty is a blend of the peptides Ipamorelin and Melanotan 1. This product is for tanning without spending much time in the sun. It also has anti-aging effects.

Contents of Sun Beauty kit : 10x 2.1mg vials.

Biosynergy product information, from Lifetech Labs

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Learn more about Biosynergy on Lifetech Labs website.


SUN BEAUTY for a tan the whole year round

Our physical appearance matters to ourselves and to others, whether in the professional or private arenas. The first 20 seconds are the critical moments where we form impressions of others. To give ourselves the best chance and to present ourselves at our best, we need to be at our best, day in, day out.


The importance of a good impression

In former times, it was actually the vogue to go for the palest possible skin, to set the lucky few apart from the working masses, but these days that bias has faded, so that now a more colourful look is appreciated.

The excessive tan, like burned oak, from the 80’s has given way to a healthy colour, which has become the desirable norm for society.

 The symbolism of a healthy colour

A healthy colour immediately inspires thoughts of travel, of wide open spaces, of freedom. It alludes to holidays and the pleasures we associate with them.

A healthy colour suggests vitality, a vibrant body, exuding warmth and sensuality. Gold and amber, these are desirable colours, a healthy, even sensual, glow surrounding the body.

In our professional lives, it is the symbol of social success, rather than the pale, wan looks of those stuck too long in an office, living out their lives tired and amidst pollution.


A healthy colour for our self-esteem

Showing an appealing amber skin, our tan allows us to glow, distracting from any minor imperfections or signs of tiredness. Our skin, our eyes, our smile are all more radiant, and we feel all  the better for it.

A healthy colour is good for our self-esteem, and it shows in our confidence, in our movements, in our dealings with others, and it shows most of all in their esteem for us.



SUN BEAUTY, for a safe, healthy colour

No more prolonged excursions, exposing ourselves on beaches or in UV tanning salons. Today, being careful about our appearance is no reason to put our health in danger.

We’re all now familiar with the dangers of UV light, as regards aging the skin and as a cancer risk.

Now, thanks to the advanced research of Lifetech Labs, it is possible to enjoy a tan, without any exposure to UV. SUN BEAUTY gives you a healthy glow, all year round, entirely safely, thanks to its combination of two important peptides : Melanotan and Ipamorelin.


SUN BEAUTY, when you want a no-risk tan

Thanks it its unique combination of Melanotan and Ipamorelin, SUN BEAUTY allows you to acquire a healthy colour, without the least exposure to UV rays.

The Melanotan peptide goes straight to work, directly affecting the pigmentation of the skin. A synthetic version of the hormone which stimulates melanocytes, Melanotan affects the pigmentation of the skin via melanogenesis, synthesising and  producing melanin.

Combined with the IPAMORELIN peptide, you tan while keep your skin supple and firm. IPAMORELIN is a peptidewhich stimulates the release of  growth hormone and IGF-1. Cells renew themselves, the skin is firmer, even as it acquires a soft and smooth texture. IPAMORELIN is an effective counter to aging of the skin and against the onset of skin cancers.

Benefits of SUN BEAUTY

SUN BEAUTY allows you to acquire a healthy colour, all year round, without exposure to the sun or to UV rays in tanning salons. Its effectiveness offers a number of benefits :

  • Restful sleep
  • Fights against skin cancer
  • Firmer, smoother, more supple skin
  • Fewer wrinkles from the sun
  • Rejuvenation  of the body and increased vitality


Beginning a course of SUN BEAUTY

If you’d like to enjoy an all-year-round tan, a course of SUN BEAUTY by Lifetech Labs is very simple.

SUN BEAUTY comes in boxes of 10x 2.1mg vials.

The course is carried out in three phases :

  •  To begin with, it’s essential to check any sensitivity to the product. For this phase, use an injection of 350mcg and watch for reactions in the body. If no reaction is apparent, you can continue the course with confidence.
  •  The course itself : the course consists of a sub-cutaneous injection, once a day, preferably before going to sleep. An injection of 700mcg is recommended per day, until the desired tint is acquired.
  •  Maintenance phase : this is to sustain the colour achieved, without further darkening, by following  a similar regime of injections, but now more spaced out and with diminished dosage.

SUN BEAUTY represents a dream solution for tanning without interminable hours in the sun. Thanks to SUN BEAUTY, enjoy that tan and look your best. Revel in a warm, sensual body, vibrant and exuding youthful vigour, and enjoy the attention  it will attract. It’s yours. Celebrate it.

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8 reviews for Blend Peptide Biosynergy Sun-Beauty – Lifetech labs – 10 vials

  1. 5 out of 5


  2. 5 out of 5


  3. 5 out of 5

    Improved skin tone quite fast. Your prices are perfect, love this shop.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Using this with my girlfriend. We totally love it. Thanks fam!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Nice product. No bad effects to worry about. Feels safe taking the cycle.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Marche admirablement bien !!!

  7. 5 out of 5

    Le Sun Beauty fut pendant un certain temps mon secret pour être bronzé pendant l'hiver sans passer la moindre vacance dans les iles.
    Je vais encore l'utiliser pendant les nombreuses années à venir

  8. 5 out of 5

    The Sun Beauty Blend peptide is the greatest compound that I ever used for tanning. I have tried it three times and Im lovin it.

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