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Blend Peptide Biosynergy Slim Fit – Lifetech Labs – 10 vials

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Slim Fit Biosynergy Peptide Blend – Lifetech Labs – Box of 10 vials

Slim Fit is a blend of the peptides HGH FRAGMENT 176-192 and MOD GRF (1-29). Biosynergy Slim Fit is the most effective blend of peptides for fat loss.

Contents of the Slim Fit kit : 10x 2.1mg vials.

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Biosynergy  product information, from Lifetech Labs.

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Learn more about Biosynergy on Lifetech Labs site.

Biosynergy Slim Fit, makes the pounds fall away

You didn’t really notice putting them on and yet, day after day, they appeared, on your hips, your thighs, your tummy. They showed up on your arms and even your face. These extra pounds aren’t exactly how you looked in your twenties. Previously, one or two extra pounds might matter, but with a little effort they disappeared easily enough.

 Age and life, pregnancy, illness, stress or even divorce, are often the source of our extra weight. Somehow, it’s no longer just one or two, but might be ten or twenty or more. And, no longer in your 20’s, these pounds are that much more difficult to get rid of.

Slim Fit Peptide Blend of HGH FRAG 176-191 and MOD GRF (1-29)

HGH Fragment (HGH Frag) is a modified form of the amino acids 176 to 191 of the human growth hormone (HGH), and is the polypeptide principally involved in fat loss. HGH Fragment breaks down fat in the body and also impedes turning food into fat.

Modified GRF 1-29 (GHRH) CJC-1295, Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) : CJC-1295 is a synthetic secretagogue which
stimulates the release of HGH. In the human body, large quantities of growth hormone are stored in the pituitary. GHRH has an effect
on the number
of cells and the the capacity to secrete more.

Modified GRF 1-29 is a modified version of the shortest entirely functional fragment of the growth hormone releasing hormone, often
designated as the Growth Hormone Releasing Factor (29.1) or by the abbreviation GRF (1-29). It is also known under the pharmaceutical


Repercussions of putting on weight

Putting on weight isn’t without an impact on both our physical and mental health.

Firstly, putting on weight directly affects our self-esteem. We feel less handsome, less beautiful, less desirable. We can be ashamed
of our looks. These extra pounds, little by little, start to hold us back.

Putting on weight also affects our health. We know it : extra weight has never been a part of robust health. Essentially, too much fat
exposes us to several  health problems : cardiac problems, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, arthritis, blood clots, including in
the brain.

In order to sustain our self-esteem and to protect our health, we need to take action when we see those pounds going on.

Taking effective action with Slim Fit from Lifetech Labs

It’s ofen difficult to lose weight properly, comfortably, and to keep those results over the long term. Most diets we find in magazines are too frustrating and sometimes have dramatic and unwelcome effects on our health.

Now however it is possible to lose those dreadful extra pounds, thanks to increasingly exciting innovations from Lifetech Labs, who have introduced a combination of two of the most powerful peptides for fat loss : HGH Fragment 176-191 and Mod GRF (1-29).

HGH Fragment (176-191) is a modified synthetic version of a human growth hormone fragment. This fragment plays a fundamental
role in fat loss
. It also blocks the transformation of food into fat.

Modified GRF (1-29), a mimetic peptide, functions in the same manner as the growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH). Increasing
the levels of growth hormone in the body, Mod GRF (1-29) also increases levels of IGF-1, facilitating fat loss while maintaining muscle.


Benefits of Slim Fit from Lifetech Labs

Unlike diets with their short-lived or illusory results, Slim Fit guarantes you lasting fat loss. Its combination of peptides even means that
you can burn fat through the night as its growth hormone action will be at a peak during your sleep.

This fat loss is accelerated by the Slim Fit’s ability to boost the energy expenditure of the body.

One of the major advantages of this product is also that it has no effect on blood sugar levels. It will even improve  lipid profiles as well as lipolytic activity.

Taking a course of Slim Fit

Slim Fit is offered in a box of 10x 2.1mg vials. It is sold in freeze-dried powder form to preserve the peptides’ properties.
Reconstituting the product takes some care but is otherwise straightforward : clean your hands, pass an alcohol wipe overthe seal of the
vial, and
gently injecting sterile water into the vial. Don’t shake it, but wait for the complete dissolving of the powder.

A recommended course is for three months, with two injections per day of 350mcg each. The injections are best taken first thing in the
morning or before a cardio session, and in the evening before going to bed.


For optimal results :

To get the maximum benefit of the Slim Fit product, you should also follow a sensible balanced diet Even if Slim Fit burns fat,
that’s not exactly an excuse to gorge on cakes and sweets. The results would be rather less spectacular.

In addition, it would be to your benefit to combine this with training sessions, a fitness programme that will allow you to refine and shape
your body.

Slim Fit will do its part, burning the most persistent fats, while keeping your muscle. Day after day, you’ll find your clean, elegant lines re-emerging, feeling a new vitality, with shining, healthy skin. Don’t waste another minute : it’s time to take charge of your body !

Benefits of Slim Fit

  • Reduction in and burning of body fat
  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy, strength and endurance
  • Building of lean body mass

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6 reviews
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6 reviews for Blend Peptide Biosynergy Slim Fit – Lifetech Labs – 10 vials

  1. 5 out of 5

    Great place to order peps

  2. 4 out of 5

    No much effect on my abs. But the muscle definition on the legs and arms is great.

  3. 5 out of 5

    A truly legit brand. Had trouble following the prescription though. But your help has truly uplifted me.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Performs very well. Totally like it!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Je me l'administrais tôt le matin et tard le soir. TRès bonne vascularisation.
    Je fais table rase de mes anciens fournisseurs. Longue vie à Hormone-peptide.com

  6. 5 out of 5

    After a few months using the Blend Peptide Biosynergy Slim Fit, my BF trimmed down from 17% to 11%. I do recommend it to anybody wishing to lose fat rapidly and without a strenuous effort.

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