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Blend Peptide Biosynergy Sex Boost – Lifetech Labs – 10 vials

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Sex Boost Biosynergy Peptide Blend – Lifetech Labs – Box of 10 vials

Sex Boost is a blend of the peptides PT-141 Bremelanotide and Melanotan II. Biosynergy Sex Boost will give you the ultimate sexual experience.

Sex Boost contents : 10x 2.1mg vials

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Biosynergy product information, from Lifetech Labs

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Learn more about Biosynergy on Lifetech Labs website.

Sex Boost : rediscover your younger passion

The slightest touch, swaying hips, a coquettish smile or an enticing look would set your pulse racing.

Only somehow, day to day preoccupations and interminable hours of work, stress and tiredness have worn down your stallion’s prowess, your feminine allure.

As time passes, first months then years, the desire to make love fades away, as does its practice.

How then to recover this former passion, this vitality, the kind that lights us up ?

How does our libido function ?

Even if the sight of a fine man, or a sensual women, still triggers our dreams and fantasies, the reality is that the desire to make love is directly linked to the production of hormones. In the man, the hormone is testosterone. It has the power to stimulate desire. In the woman, testosterone also plays a key role in her sexual desire, as well as oestrogen. However, with age, the production of hormones in general, and therefore testosterone also, is diminished, leading to, among other effects, a reduction in libido.

Reawaken your sexual desire with Sex Boost, from Lifetech Labs

Today, after advances in clinical research, diminished libido is no longer inevitable. Lifetech Labs, recognized for its high quality products, has successfully created a combination to reawaken your slumbering passions, thanks to this unique combination of peptides.

Don’t waste a moment: discover the marvels of the Sex Boost Biosynergy Peptide Blend from Lifetech Labs.

Sex Boost, from Lifetech Labs : what is it ?

Sex Boost is a combination of two powerful peptides which immediately revive sexual desire. In an inspired move, Lifetech Labs have combined PT-141 Bremelanotide with Melanotan 2,to give you the maximum boost.

Firstly, Bremelanotide, better known as PT-141, represents the best of the current synthetic aphrodisiacs, as it works equally well in men as in women. Its unique property ? Contrary to most medications which do no more than boost circulation towards the penis, such as Viagra, Bremelanotide has the ability to act directly on the part of the brain controlling sexual desire. Bremelanotide therefore stimulates your libido, in a most natural fashion. It is also the only effective treatment for sexual dysfunctions such as impotents, problems with erections, or problems with sexual arousal.

Then, Melanotan 2 correspons t to a peptide discovered by the researchers under Dr Victor Hruby. Melanotan 2 acts on the physical function of the erection. It will allow you to recover the optimal functioning of your erections, just as you enjoyed in your youth. For as long as you continue with the product, Melanotan 2 guarantees you intense erections, stable and long-lasting.

The combination of these two peptides operates both on the mental and the physical functioning of the libido. As a result, your former passions are rekindled, your desires will once more rise to the surface, in the most natural fashion.

Benefits of SEX BOOST

Thanks to its double action, on our mental and physical processes underlying desire, SEX BOOST assures you a unique and unforgettable sexual experience.

From the moment you start taking the product, you’ll immediately feel a boost in your sexual desire. Impotence, inability to perform, will simply be bad memories.

For women, no more need to hide behind excuses and brush-offs, because SEX BOOST will leave you excited, will entice you to the point where you wish for only one thing : enjoying an intense sensual moment…

You can use SEX BOOST without fear, with perfect peace of mind. A high quality product, SEX BOOST is created by Lifetech Labs, a well known and certified laboratory which has received an awared for its innovations related to peptides.

Simple to use, the doses to take during a course of the product are set out clearly. Lifetech assures you of an effective and stable dosage which will give you the optimal result.

Following a course of SEX BOOST

SEX BOOST is sold in boxes of 10x 2.1mg vials. Each vial contains 1.5mg of PT-141 Bremelanotide and 0.6mg of Melanotan 2.

SEX BOOST should be taken 6 hours before sex, in a 1ml injection, around 700mcg per day.

It should be noted that the effects will be felt for between 24 an 72 hours, with a peak effect between 3 and 12 hours after the injection.


Users who have already followed a course of SEX BOOST are lyrical about its effects in the forums.

Pascal, age 39

« This product is simply incredible. But be careful to pay attention to the correct dose, because yesterday I overshot, and I had an erection all day. »

Sébastien,  age 45 :

« I’m extremely happy with SEX BOOST. Since using it, I have an amazing libido, unlike with other produccts. You get your erections, and in addition, you tan. I think I’m going to use this long term. »

Marie, age 37 :

« Between my job, the children, the house, these last few years, my nights with my husband have been flat calm. I didn’t feel desirable any longer. For myself, I no longer felt any desire. With SEX BOOST, I feel like a new woman. I’ve finally been able to rediscover a sex-life full of passion. »

Hervé, age 27 :

« With SEX BOOST, I last longer, I control myself better, all the while gaining the maximum pleasure. »


Don’t let stress, tiredness and routine put your sex life to bed. Spice up your little adventures with SEX BOOST from Lifetech Labs. And there’s no need to skimp on the delicious preliminaries, erotic games, sensual caresses before enjoying the most intense pleasure !


Benefits of Sex Boost

  • Direct increase in sexual desire
  • Reduced fear of erectile dysfunction or impotence in men
  • Addresses lack of sexual excitation in women
  • Tanning without exposure to the sun
  • It’s not a system targeting blood circulation
  • Reduced skin cancer risks

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10 reviews for Blend Peptide Biosynergy Sex Boost – Lifetech Labs – 10 vials

  1. 5 out of 5

    Got the order in 2 weeks. This product is great. My GF is in heaven.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Product Worked as promised.

  3. 5 out of 5

    A truly powerful product. Though at first I noticed my heart beat was a bit a higher than normally.

  4. 5 out of 5

    So much improvement on bedroom performance. Totally love this.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Je prends ce produit depuis plus de 2 mois et je peux affirmer qu'il est super efficace. Mon niveau d'énergie a quasiment doublé et ma vigueur sexuelle est quasiment le triple. Merci à toute l'équipe d'hormone-peptide.com.

  6. 5 out of 5

    I had a weakened libido. After testing several solutions, none really worked. I finally ended up on the Blend Peptide Biosynergy Sex Boost. For libido disorders this is the best solution.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Ce produit a été la solution miracle pour moi. J'ai retrouvé ma vigueur d'antan!

  8. 5 out of 5

    Un peu sceptique au début quand je voyais les prix. Mais je dois admettre qu'il vaut largement son prix. Je ne m'en cache pas, mais depuis ce temps je l'ai commandé plusieurs fois.

  9. 5 out of 5

    J'ai eu de très bons résultats mêmes avec une dose assez faible à 500mcg. Toutefois, soyez sûr de le prendre 6 heures avant votre ébat. Très bon produit.

  10. 5 out of 5

    My low libido is now done and dusted. After using the biosynergy sex boost, my sex drive is now unbelievable. I want to bang my fiancé all the time.

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