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Blend Peptide Biosynergy Recovery3 – Lifetech labs – 10 vials

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The Recovery³ is a Blend of Thymosin Beta 4 peptide 3 + IGF-1EC + Ipamorelin. This product is useful for recovering from an injury and to regenerate his body. It also improves recovery after training. 10 vials of 2.1 mg.

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Learn more about Biosynergy on Lifetech Labs website.

Recovery, or the secret to good health

Whether we’re active in sport and fitness or not, we are occasionally victims of accidents: breaking a bone, an injured limb, a torn muscle, some other wound…

As time passes, faced with such accidents, we become more susceptible and fragile. A time of rest and convalescence is necessary to allow the body to rebuild after the trauma.

This reconstruction process can be long and uncomfortable both physically and mentally.

How then can we help our body rebuild itself correctly and rapidly ?

Biosynergy Recovery3 for rapid healing

Scientific study continually brings on new discoveries. On the healing side, Lifetech Labs has concocted a veritable magic potion in combining three peptides, to give us back our full capacity as soon as possible.

What is Biosynergy Recovery3 from Lifetech Labs ?

Biosynergy Recovery3 represents the combination of three peptides: Thymosin Beta 4 (BT4), MGF and Ipamorelin.

First off, Thymosin Beta 4 is the synthetic form of a peptide naturally present in the body. Its essential function is to provide a protection for tissue in regard to their regeneration and form. An intake of Thymosin Beta 4 into the body supports the repair mechanism for tissues and scarring.

Secondly, MGF is a growth factor and affects repair of damaged tissues. It accelerates the replacement of damaged cells with new ones at their peak capacity.

Thirdly, Ipamorelin stimulates the release of growth hormone, producing new cells throughout the body. Our skin becomes suppler, and our natural defence system is reinforced. The body is filled with new energy, a bonus for overcoming this time of convalescence.

Advantages of Recovery3

The combination of these three peptides makes Recovery3 a veritable magic potion to counter an injury and restore as quickly as possible our lost energy.

Recovery improves healing process for wounds and injuries. It’s no longer necessary to be stuck with scars, often a source of dismay. With Recovery3, scars disappear and leave a supple and toned skin.

Recovery reduces inflammation and [* flabby *] muscles. It improves recuperation and gets us back to the peak of our form.

Finally, Recovery boosts the entire body by the release of growth hormone. The body is gifted with new strength.  Its immune system is strengthened and the body is once more protected as it was before convalescence. Recovery also supports us mentally, providing a general feeling of well-being.


Following a course in Recovery

Recovery from Lifetech Labs is sold in boxes of 10 vials of freeze-dried powder.

Treatment is by sub-cutaneous injection.

Before using the product, it is necessary to reconstitute it with sterile water.

La marque recommande de prendre une injection de 700mcg par jour, avant le coucher ou juste après l’entrainement. La cure doit être suivie pendant un mois minimum.

Minimum effective duration for a course is one month.



Jacques, age 42 : 

« My muscles were quite fragile, particularly the right shoulder. It wasn’t unusual that I’d suffer a torn muscle. These times when I had to be immobile drove me mad with frustration and impatience to get back to my training. I had some goals which were being blocked from one day to the next. Discovering Recovery has been extraordinary for me. I’ve recovered in record time from my last injury. Today I feel more robust, less sensitive to shocks and problems. »

Damien, age 29 :

«  I don’t like to lose time. I like to get on. If I have any vulnerability, Recovery helps me get over it quickly. »

Florian, age 35 :

«My friends and family didn’t believe me when they saw how quickly I recovered my form and energy thanks to Recovery. » 


David, age 25 :

« I don’t listen to my body, or if I do, only when it’s too late. I’m always exceeding my limits. I’m a bit of a hot head. I like that. The problem is, my body doesn’t, and any number of times it lets me know through injury. But with Recovery, I shush it a little. It heals up more quickly. My muscles stretch more easily. »


Don’t let an injury set you back mentally or immobilize you long term. With Recovery, get your form and your energy back quickly. Accidents become just poor memories.

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3 reviews
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3 reviews for Blend Peptide Biosynergy Recovery3 – Lifetech labs – 10 vials

  1. 5 out of 5

    Very pleased with the performance. It surpassed my expectations so five star for it.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Thought at 42 my muscles would suffer but they’re responding quite encouragingly. 5-star for a product so authentic.

  3. 5 out of 5

    I really enjoy the Blend Peptide Biosynergy Recovery3 during my convalescence, it is the best way .to recover from an injury. It provide quicker recovery and better sleep.

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