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Peptide Biopeptide PEG-MGF – Lifetech Labs – 10 vials 1 mg

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Contents of the PEG-MGF Kit : 10x 1mg vials.

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PEG-MGF Biopeptide, for successful mass building

PEG-MGF product details, by Lifetech labs

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Learn more about PEG-MGF on Lifetech Labs site.

PEG-MGF Biopeptide, for successful mass building

When you no longer want to put up with a soft body lacking in manliness and character, it’s time to create a body that properly reflects who you want to be. Turning that dream into reality, being able to feel proud about your body, is why you took on those body building sessions. Your goal : to achieve a worthwhile gain in muscle mass, the kind you can show off, that mark you out as a dynamic, successful, forceful individual.

It’s the dream physique, one well worth aspiring to, and now, are you ready to really go for it?

Following a body building programme

Successfully building muscle mass, body building, requires regular training, but there’s more than that. Workouts, pushing your muscles, will help them to begin to reveal themselves, as they develop in size, but to go further ?

Developing more muscle mass is going to take more intense training sessions and a richer diet than you’re likely used to, with an emphasis on proteins to properly nourish your muscles. Building muscle mass necessarily means adding pounds. That means eating more, with a typical increase of between 300 and 600 calories a day being recommended, based on your body type.

A long-term commitment to such a programme means you can’t neglect your rest and recuperation between sessions. These periods of rest are the time where muscles can assimilate the changes that the body building is creating. Not engaging in appropriate rest and recuperation will see you frustrated and exhausted.

PEG-MGF, working from the inside

Science is also a key aid in helping us achieve our goals.

Lifetech Labs, with an established reputation for its work on peptides, is there to help you succeed in your body building, by offering PEG-MGF.

PEG-MGF Biopeptide from Lifetech Labs is a variant of IGF. Its role is directly related to reconstruction and development of the musculature. Its action encourages the synthesis of proteins for an increased muscle mass in general. PEG-MGF is also effective on rest days, by allowing the body better recuperation and muscle growth.

Benefits of PEG-MGF

A course of PEG-MGF provides :

  • Increased muscle mass, honed and toned, thanks to the creation of new muscle fibres
  • Improved muscular recovery, so that your muscles more easily adapt to the changes pushed on them by your body building and dietary regimes
  • Improvement of the retention of nitrogen, boosting the synthesis of proteins and muscle growth
  • An anti-aging effect courtesy of the new cells produced, for a smooth, toned physique

Taking a course of PEG-MGF

The PEG-MGF Biopeptide from Lifetech Labs is offered in a box of 10 vials, in freeze-dried form to be reconstitued with  sterile water.

For a significant result, the course should be followed for between 3 and 6 months.

The intake is by sub-cutaneous injection, with a recommended dosage of 1 injection of 200mcg per day.


Marc, age 25 :

« PEG-MGF really boosted my mass building. Today I no longer look like a toothpick, but a real man. »

Julien, age 35 :

« I was frustrated by my spindly physique. With my training and my course of PEG-MGF, my friends and I were agreeably surprised with the speed of my muscle growth. »

Hervé, age  40:

« Discovering PEG-MGF has given me a non-negligable boost to my body building training sessions. These days, I make many people envious thanks to my large muscles. »  

PEG-MGF will allow you to build muscle mass more rapidly, in conjunction with a disciplined body-building programme. The basics still apply : regular training sessions, diet, and proper rest remain the foundation for a sustained muscular physique.


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    A nice place to order quality body mass enhancers. I love the manufacturer.

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    Very fast shipping, the box was damaged but the vials were intact. Customer service was incredible. I will be ordering from hormone-peptide.com again.

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    I've been on Biopeptide PEG-MGF Lifetech Labs for 3 months now. Excellent peptide. It's definitely legit.

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    Very good merchandise !!!!

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