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Payment by Western-Union: Money transfer in cash or by credit card

Western-Union money transfer is fast and reliable. Sending money can be made online (by credit card) or in a Western-Union store.


  • More than 500,000 points of sale in more than 200 countries.
  • Fast and reliable. The cash transfer is complete in just 10 minutes.


  • The maximum transfer amounts is limited by country (but you can send more money in a shop than on Internet).

How to pay by Western-Union:

1- Pay in a Western-Union office or on Western-Union website using the beneficiary given on the order-confirmation page.

IMPORTANT: in “PURPOSE”, you must absolutely specify «PRIVATE TRANSFER».
If the purpose of payment field is left empty, or if you give another reason for transfer, your payment will be canceled.

  • Please respect the maximum order amount of 4,200 €. For a higher amount, please contact us.
  • The beneficiary is valid for one week only.
  • The beneficiary is for single use. We will give you another one for your next order.
  • Please specify that our beneficiary must receive the total amount of your order in $ and not another currency.
    * If we receive another currency than $ (USD), our cashing service will have additional charges that you will then have to pay, which will increase the time it takes to send your order.

2- Retrieve the Western-Union payment reference code (8 numbers) and send us the payment proof.

3- Your order will be shipped within 48 to 72 hours after your payment is confirmed by our accounting department (depending on the availability of products).

Please don’t specify that it is a commercial transaction.

Pay Online by Credit Card

Or Find a Western-Union Shop

After the transfer, please send your payment information with our form:

Please be careful and be sure to make no mistake or misspelling as it could delay the validation of your payment of several days.

Please send us a photo of your Western-Union Transfer receipt with your order number written on it. This will simplify and accelerate the preparation of your order:

Your email *

Order Number *

Western-Union Transfer Code *

Amount Sent (please specify your currency) *

Your First Name *


Your Country *

Beneficiary first name *

Beneficiary LAST NAME *

I have checked the accuracy of this information

Once this information is validated and the money received (after 1-2 business days), your order will be prepared and shipped.