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Payment by Bank Transfer: Simple, Secure and Cheap

hormone-peptide.com recommends that you use this method of payment for all your orders, especially if their value is above € 1,000.


  • Its cost. Transfer costs are low compared to the amount sent.
  • There is no limit, you can make orders of up to € 50,000 without any problems.


  • Takes 3 to 6 working days to come through depending on your bank.


How to pay by Bank Transfer:

Once your order done on our site, please go to your bank with the payment information below and ask for an international bank transfer.

Note: You can also pay online on the website of some banks, but most are forcing the field “IBAN CODE” while it should remain empty for a transfer to Thailand.

Payment by Bank Transfer Information International:

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Once the bank transfer done, please send your payment information:

Please send us a photo of your Bank Transfer receipt with your order number written. This will simplify and accelerate the preparation of your order:

Your email *

Your order number *

Amount sent (please specify your currency) *

Date of transfer *

Your bank name *

Your First Name *


Your Country *

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Once this information is validated and the money received (which takes between 3-6 business days), your order will be prepared and shipped.