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Ipamorelin won’t let the years take away your charm

They say wrinkles are an expression of wisdom and the mark of experience…

Well, it’s true that as the years pass, we understand ourselves better, in terms of what we like and don’t like. Based on the experiences that have jostled us along the way, we’ve even learned confidence and to trust ourselves. So yes, age does grant us maturity.

However, as our age advances, we also witness the transformation of our body, watching as the soft and attractive shape of our face hardens and the first wrinkles arrive. It’s these wrinkles more than anything else which attest to the passing of time and deterioration of our bodies.

Can we really accept this change without feeling the slightest anguish? Inasmuch as our eyes are the gateway to our soul, and our smile our gentlest witness to our charm, how can we trust our new face to still be a source of pleasure? And are we really comfortable in a world that celebrates youth and dynamism?

Wouldn’t it be nicer if we could simply roll back the process of time?


IPAMORELIN, restoring your appeal

With the cult of youth, the market has been filled with numerous anti-wrinkle products, from cosmetics to cosmetic surgery.

As far as creams and serums go, these are intended to hydrate the skin to give it more suppleness, so as to diminish or disguise the marks of age.

Among the more radical treatments, there are facelifts, Botox injections, collagen injections, intended to paralyses the muscles responsible for wrinkles, or simply to fill the wrinkles in.

Even if these techniques have some impact on signs of aging, they’re still only superficial remedies. Rather than making the wrinkles disappear, these different approaches only attenuate them or camouflage them, as they only deal with the surface of the skin without properly addressing the process of aging.

Why do we get wrinkles?

In order to better understand the process of aging and therefore the appearance of wrinkles, it is essential to understand the role that growth hormone plays in our body.

Growth hormone is present in every human being and from a young age. Its role, often misunderstood, is nevertheless essential: to allow our muscles and our bones to develop so that we can reach our adult size. Growth hormone is therefore directly involved in cell renewal.

Reaching a peak at puberty, the levels of growth hormone secreted by our bodies will thereafter diminish little by little as the years pass. At 60 years of age, the body is only producing 25% of the levels of hormone present at 20 years. Our cells, no longer renewed, die off and impact the tone and glow of our skin. Hair turns grey, and both the body and our minds experience a loss in vitality.

IPAMORELIN addresses the fundamental issues in the aging process.


Advances in clinical research allow us to counter the effects of aging by acting directly on the production of growth hormone.

Lifetech Labs, highly regarded in the field, offers a peptide with the capacity to stimulate the production of growth hormone in the body: IPAMORELIN.

By encouraging increased levels of growth hormone, IPAMORELIN generates a fresh start to cell renewal. In boosting the synthesis of proteins, growth hormone also increases the levels of collagen and elastin, so that your wrinkles miraculously disappear.

Renewed, cells once again bring color, tone and vitality back to your body, pushing the aging process back 20 years.

Taking a course of IPAMORELIN

IPAMORELIN is offered in freeze-dried powder form, in 1.8mg vials.

Sold in boxes of 10 vials, IPAMORELIN is restored to its active form by being reconstituted with sterile water.

The course comprises injections of 300mcg in the morning, before breakfast, and a similar injection of 300mcg before going to bed, both injections being sub-cutaneous.

The length of a course of treatment is between 3 and 6 months.

Don’t let the years take away your charm and vitality. Give your smile and your body a boost with the best anti-aging solution, generating new cells at the peak of their performance.

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