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Invigorate your sex life after 50

Our fifties are a time when our inclination for sex can decline, where the creativity, passion and carnal adventures of our youth seem distant memories. The change may not be marked, but they are occurring nevertheless, for men as well as women. But this can also be a time of renewal and blossoming of a restored passion, with a little help…

Turning 50 as a woman

The early fifties can be a difficult time for a woman. A cycle she’s lived with all her life since adolescence comes to an end, and even if it didn’t have any physiological changes associated with it, it would still be a difficult emotional barrier to cross, a final and irreversible sign of the passing of time. More than that, it can feel like the end of her femininity, her desire and her desirability.

Add in the hormonal changes of the menopause, and the impact is even greater. The body changes and becomes softer, to put it politely. The skin loses its sheen, and becomes duller. As if that isn’t enough, women can experience hot flushes and anxiety, or be irritable over nothing.

The man at 50

Men may not have the menopause to deal with, but their fifties carry their own burden of change and anxiety nevertheless.

The main disturbance for men in their fifties is a social and professional one. It becomes more apparent that now they’re the ‘old guy’ dealing with young and ambitious upstarts in their twenties and thirties, ready to push them aside to take over. It’s not exactly a glorious prospect. We know we’re outmatched in energy and drive, and that can impact our confidence, a confidence that can further impact our confidence in bed, our performance indeed.

Just as we’re feeling less emotionally secure, our diminishing levels of testosterone reinforce the effect, reducing our passion and ability still further.


Embrace your fifties with confidence

Yes, there are challenges, uncertainties and doubt, but it can also be a time of affirmation, of acknowledging our accomplishments, our personality.

Our youth, and our time up until our fifties are marked, for men as well as women, by searching : searching for what’s important, searching for the right job, the right partner, the money we need to fulfil our dreams, searching even for who we are and where we fit into society.

By the time we reach fifty, that at least is a search that is typically resolved in most if not all areas. We understand who we are, what we like, what we need to get by and how to get it. We have little to prove to others, and life becomes more a matter of enjoying life for ourselves and our immediate family.

Just when we have a right to feel good about ourselves, wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate that in bed ?

Sex Boost from Lifetech Labs – savour your passions and indulge your eroticism.sexboost

In order to counter the loss in hormones as we turn fifty, Lifetech Labs, a leading laboratory in the field, offers a peptide blend « Sex Boost », to reboot and revitalise your sex life. More than simply a stimulant, the Sex Boost peptide blend from Lifetech Labs operates at a fundamental cellular level, improving both your sense of well-being as well as your performance.

Lifetech Labs has combined Bremelanotide, a powerful synthetic aphrodisiac which works directly on the part of the brain associated with sexual desire, with Melanotan 2,which has an effect on the physiological aspects of our sexual performance.

Revitalised in mind and body, you can explore a new level of sexual desire with your companion.

With Sex Boost, your fifties are no longer synonymous with diminished desire or pleasure. You’ve earned it ; now enjoy it : the passion of youth with the wisdom of age. Enjoy those stronger erections, that rush of desire that overwhelms your senses. Celebrate and savour your new passion, and enjoy sharing and showing off your new virility or sensuality.

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