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Give yourself a second youth at 40 !

Forty is regarded as a turning point in life, a time when we’ve acquired stability, a family, a good career, and regular income. At forty, we’re at the top of our game, even if we’re not quite as fit as we were in our twenties.

Nevertheless, there are some things that aren’t quite so comfortable : we’ve picked up a few wrinkles around the eyes and mouth ; our body is less resilient, recovers less quickly from our indulgences ; new aches and pains start to make an appearance ; and our skin seems less radiant. These changes take some getting used to. We wonder what’s happening, and we can’t help recalling our youth.

The change is inevitable, to a degree, and we know it’s going to get worse, a process that’s leading inexorably towards old age.

Taking action

Attempting to hold back the march of time, we might take on a new regime, paying attention to getting proper sleep. We try to eat more sensibly, limiting alcohol and tobacco.

Perhaps we enroll in a course of Yoga or Tai-Chi, anything that means we can reduce the impact on our body of this passing time. We try to remain calm and confident, and of course we won’t forget to stay active, with sport and exercise.

Somehow, our bathrooms might find themselves acquiring new creams and potions, anti-aging products, anything to keep up our appearance. It’s not that we’re fussy or paranoid, but we’d like to keep our appearance.

Renewal from the inside out

Losing our glow, our skin wrinkling, our muscles softening : the first signs of approaching age are hardly cause for rejoicing. We can slow the process by living a healthy life, but that won’t be enough to hold back the years.

Fortunately, to cope with reaching middle age, science has made remarkable progress. Today it’s even possible to renew your body from the inside out and to push back the aging process by 20 years.

That’s pretty astonishing, even magical.

The magical power of growth hormone

You’ve heard of it, without perhaps knowing precisely its role in the body. Growth hormone  isn’t just about growing up, it’s about cell renewal as well as the growth and development of our bones.

From the peak of its production in adolescence, when it’s creating major changes in our bodies, its activity decreases little by little with the passing of the years. As its levels diminish, the body is less and less active in producing new cells. With fewer new cells, our skin loses elasticity and shine. Our vitality is slipping away, our bodies slowly, almost imperceptibly degenerating. Even sport and activity, healthy eating, and anti-wrinkle cream, can’t stop the remorseless process of aging.

Medical research addresses the fundamental issue of cell renewal by providing synthetic growth hormone.

The idea is to provide increased levels of growth hormone in the body, by the uptake of the identical but synthetic hormone. Once more, your body will begin to create new cells and will acquire a new vitality.

By stimulating the production of collagen, growth hormone leads to a reduction in wrinkles and restores suppleness and tone to the skin. Fat is burned, while muscles are honed and our physique recovers some of its youthful shape and dynamism. The brain also benefits, acquiring new cells, which reduces stress and anxiety. Treatment courses in growth hormones renew the body and mind by providing them with new cells in peak condition. Self-confidence is boosted, and we experience a feeling of well-being.

New and young cells means the aging process is pushed back 20 years.

That’s quite an accomplishment.

Ipamorelin peptide, restoring youth


For those who might be reluctant to take a course of actual synthetic growth hormone, which is both costly and could generate conflicts with the body’s own growth hormone, there is the solution of taking a course in peptides.

Peptides are small protein chains, whose purpose is to carry messages to cells. In the case of the anti-aging treatment Ipamorelin , the anti-aging peptide will stimulate the natural growth hormone in the body to trigger new cell creation. No longer having two growth hormones in the body, one natural and the other synthetic, we avoid a problem and trigger the body’s own mechanism to increase our natural growth hormone levels.

The effects will therefore be similar: increased levels of growth hormone in the body, cell renewal, more supple and toned skin, reduction of wrinkles, and a boost to our energy, recalling our youth.

Thanks to this remarkable innovation, we can take care of our bodies from the inside out. What nicer present could we offer ourselves or our bodies than new cells in peak condition?

Forty becomes a new beginning, with the benefits of experience and a youthful body!

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