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Aging well with a course in HGH

Aging is a natural process to which we all have to submit, but we don’t really notice its effects until middle age.

Understanding the aging process is the key to selecting appropriate products that can actually recover the vitality of our youth. For some, aging is a source of concern, but few if any of us look forward to seeing wrinkles appear and skin losing its tone. As the years pass, the cellular functions within the body change, and those changes are what create the visible signs of aging.

We each experience aging slightly differently, based on a number of factors, but one thing is for sure : we’re all going to experience it one way or another.



  • The body puts on weight more easily, which makes a lot of us uncomfortable. We’re less inclined to physical activity, and our diminishing bone structure just adds to the anxiety, while we feel less strong and less capable, which hardly encourages us to go out and get fit.
  • Our height diminishes naturally with age, again due to several factors including a changing posture, or shrinking of the spinal column.
  • The skin is where aging is particularly apparent, becoming drier, less firm and rougher.
  • For women, the quality of their skin is a source of pride, but unfortunately that can degrade faster than in men, thanks to the greater hormonal changes they’ll experience in pregnancy and later in menopause. Their skin becomes more vulnerable as the years pass.
  • It’s not just the outside that suffers, but also mental ability, as we well know. Learning is more of a challenge than when we were 20 as our ability to concentrate diminishes. Loss of memory is also something we encounter as we age. We’re less able to remember detail, as the brain is processing information more slowly. It’s a disconcerting process, and because we’re aware of it, it’s stressful for older people going through it.
  • It’s hardly surprising that anxiety and depression can be common as we’re confronted with our diminishing physical and mental capacities, which are doubly stressful as they remind us forcibly of our mortality.
  • Sexuality is also affected by aging, as our inclination and appetite diminish, and our bodies fail to perform, with possible erectile problems in men, and failure to be aroused and become moist in women.



The simplest way to push back the effects of aging for as long as possible is to maintain stable levels of growth hormone in the body.

Growth hormone, also called HGH (Human Growth Hormone), has a direct effect on slowing down the aging process.

Research has demonstrated a correlation between diminished levels of HGH and signs of aging. This hormone, produced naturally in the pituitary gland in the brain, peaks at puberty and through adolescence, and begins to diminish noticeably after 20 years of age. The reduction is more marked with age, which explains the drastic changes which occur after age 50. Low levels of HGH in the body are the main reason that we experience the visible signs of aging.

A higher level of HGH has a direct effect on the skin and our health, providing a stronger immune system, reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass, stronger bones, lower cholesterol and more energy.

Those over 35 years old profit most from treatment to replace HGH to recover the benefits of youth and vitality.



There are certainly things we can do to keep our youthful vigour and health for as long as possible without medication or surgical intervention.

This would include :

  • Participating in physical activity
  • Regular exercise is a must for slowing the signs of aging
  • Regular exercise is also the best solution for avoiding weight gain, loss of tone, weakened bones, as well as reducing the risk from heart diseases and cholesterol
  • Eat sensibly to both look younger and feel younger. Proper foods in the right amount can have a bit impact on your vitality. Doctors suggest less fat, less salt, less sugar and more green vegetables so that food helps your body rather than punishing it.
  • It hardly needs mentioning that alcohol and cigarettes can wear out your body faster, making you look older than your years.
  • Smoking risks premature death, and is harmful to your health and your skin. The chemical compounds in cigarettes are particularly harmful to the skin, which dries out and roughens as circulation is impeded or oxygen levels are diminished, both being consequences of smoking.
  • Alcohol is little better when it comes to showing your age. It impedes the absorption of vitamins and minerals essential to the well-being of your body, as well as being a source of dehydration.
  • A happy, stress free life is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself as you grow older. Stress has a major impact on your body, as well as an obvious impact on your well-being. Paying attention to your quality of life in regard to your mental well-being is as important as paying attention to your body. Your family, your work, your relations, can be a source of pleasure and support, or be a source of difficulty. It’s greatly in your interest to try for the former.


Unfortunately, the frenetic pace of life often gets in the way of a sane and balanced, stress-free lifestyle. We tend to realise only too late the price of not being sensible when we were younger.

By the time we notice the impact and the damage, it’s often extremely difficult or impossible to reverse the effects.


The good news is that there is an easy way, proven in clinical trials, to repair a lot of the signs of aging.

Growth hormone injections restore to the body the hormones that it already produces, but in diminished quantities ; hormones that it needs to maintain or restore a youthful body and vitality. Restoring higher levels of HGH in the body allows us to avoid the negative effects of aging. In addition to all these benefits, growth hormone injections are reassuring and without harmful side-effects.

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