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The 9 Effects of Growth Hormone

HGH (human growth hormone) is one of the numerous endocrine hormones, such as oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin and DHEA, all of which diminish with age. While several of these hormones can be replaced to prevent certain aging effects, HGH takes pride of place, not simply for its ability to delay or suppress biological aging, but for it’s ability to actually reverse to a significant degree a large number of the signs and symptoms of aging.

HGH treatment has demonstrated its effects in being able to turn back the biological clock by as much as 20 years. The benefits of HGH are quite simply a rejuvenated, young body.

When the levels of HGH are increased in the body, it is clinically proven that it brings the following benefits:


1- Reduction in body fat

One of the most remarkable benefits of taking HGH is to reduce the percentage of body fat to a minimum. You’ll be heading down to your ideal weight! A clinical study revealed that the percentage of fat was reduced to 14.4% in 50 year old men who took an HGH course over 6 months. 

Further, and happily, the place where fat was most reduced was the belly, where it’s otherwise difficult to shed the pounds. Research demonstrated a reduction of 30% in abdominal fat after only two months of HGH treatment.


The prevailing theory about this hormone is that it has the means to signal the body as to what to do with the excess body fat, making it ideal for slimming the hips and losing a tummy.perte de poids


2-Increased Muscle Mass

A researcher by the name of Rudman concluded that in a group of male subjects of over 60 years, taking HGH had the effect of building muscle mass without doing any bodybuilding or other exercises. 

Since then, other scientific research has confirmed the results of Dr Rudman, which means that an HGH treatment has beneficial effects on muscle mass.

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Other research by Franco Salomon from London confirmed that after 6 months of HGH treatment, muscle mass had increased of the order of 10%, which demonstrates the exceptional results that come from taking growth hormone.

gain de muscle


3-Reduction in wrinkles

Dr Rudman’s studies also demonstrated positive results in the area of improvement in skin condition. His research proved that there was an increase of 7.1% in the thickness of the skin, thanks to HGH growth hormone treatment.

HGH also reduces the presence of wrinkles by its action of stimulating the synthesis of proteins, which leads to a greater production of collagen and elastin, two essential proteins for the skin which support the structure of the epidermis. It’s why HGH treatment has been proven to improve the appearance of the skin, as well as its firmness and tone.



4-Hair restoration

The most visible signs of aging are hair loss and greying hair. HGH treatments have proved effective in restoring natural hair colour and stimulating hair growth. In a study of 200 subjects, their hair was thicker and in better condition while 38 of them also noticed new growth on bald spots on the scalp.

restauration des cheveux


5-Increased libido and sexual vigour

Lowered interest in sexuality is another negative from aging that many would like to eliminate.

It may come as no surprise that increased levels of HGH in the blood led to an improved sense of well-being, more vitality and alertness, as well as improved sexual function and libido. Men also benefit from more powerful erections and women from a greater sexual appetite.


6-Reduction in cholesterol

It’s understood that bad cholesterol causes serious health problems, particularly with people who have poor blood circulation. Bad cholesterol is associated with increased risk of heart attack and angina.


By contrast, good cholesterol has the opposite effect. It reduces the negative effects of bad  cholesterol, and so reduces the risk of heart problems. The good news is that HGH increases the level of good cholesterol in the body in test subjects. There have been many successful demonstrations of the benefits of HGH.


7-Improved mood,  increased levels of energy and better sleep

Our mood, our alertness, and our sleep are best when we’re young. With age, the degradation of neurons in the brain and hormonal changes alter our mood and our ability to have a good night’s sleep.

Adults and older people often have difficulty having a good, restorative, sleep, as they lose the habit of falling into deep sleep, which undermines the regenerative effect of a good night’s rest.

Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary several times a day and during the night. During the day, it produces energy, and at nighttime, HGH improves the quality of our sleep and reduces our need to sleep. We recover our well-being and alertness more quickly. HGH gives you the ability to rest and recover more quickly, as you did when you were young.


Our mood is also affected by increased levels of HGH. As researchers noted in 2002, « with diminished HGH, your mental state is impaired as well as your body, which produces a negative attitude, feelings of insecurity, of tiredness, of anxiety, depression and a lack of self-confidence. »

amélioration du sommeil


8-Better mental alertness and a stronger immune system


amélioration du cerveauIt has been proven that HGH improves the function of the brain and memory. This isn’t surprising, as they are two functions which are affected by age. A study in New Zealand demonstrated that HGH repairs damaged neurons in the brain. Since then, other research has confirmed this discovery.




9-Stablising blood pressure

One of the big advantages of growth hormone (GH/HGH) is that it is not only a help to systems peripheral to the blood system, but to quote two researchers Hertoghe and Nabet : HGH treatment « diminishes anxiety and produces a sense of serenity and security », as well as increasing our resistance to stress. That makes it ideal to fight aging and stay in good health.

There’s no doubt regarding the benefits of increased levels of HGH in the blood and scientists agree that we should do all we can to maintain or increase our levels of growth hormone.

Another sign of aging is the worsening of vision in older people An increased level of HGH in the blood can improve this. The more we age, the less flexible the lens of our eye becomes, which impairs vision, particularly in the dark. Some people also have what is called ‘night blindness’. It’s been proven that high HGH improves this condition in older people.

With age, our immune system  doesn’t function as well because of damage to our DNA. When our DNA isn’t repaired, cellls subsequently carry a damaged genetic imprint, which has the effect of weakening the immune system. Growth hormone helps to stop this problem by improving the repair of the body’s cells, which makes it better able to fight viruses and infections.

amélioration de la pression sanguine

All these benefits are due to the increased level of HGH in the blood. Clinical research proves that HGH is effective in increasing the amount of the body’s own growth hormone that the body will produce.

When we age, our body produces less and less growth hormone and that’s why we see visible signs of aging. To counter these negative effects that age has on us, a good approach is to stimulate it with a view to producing more growth hormone with the help of growth hormone injections.

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