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So you’re determined to take growth hormones, peptides or SARMS.

However, you’re still uneasy about ordering online?

Maybe the reason is the delivery costs which sometimes double the cost of the order, an order that you’re concerned you might never receive.

We get it. We offer you FREE* delivery, coming directly to your home in 2 to 4 days after your payment. The package is anonymous, well protected and won’t reveal the content of your order.

Minimal amount for your order is 150 EUR.

And because we are foresight, we offer you the possibility to purchase an insurance for +10% of the order amount.

This insurance cover parcel loss, break and seizure: if anything wrong happen, we immediately re-ship your order!

Depending your country, we highly recommend you to add this extra insurance.

*Lifetech-Labs products are shipped separately, the shipping cost is 45 EUR.